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Meet Sue Waldman
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"Sue's trademark is transformative work that brings
about increased happiness, fulfillment and a renewed
passion for life!"

Sue Waldman (President of Advanced Counseling & Coaching Services and Pink Light, LLC) is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Board Certified Life Coach in NY & NJ.
Her practice is based on the belief that her client's needs are of the utmost importance.  For the past 27 years (and the following to come), Sue Waldman is committed to meeting those needs.

Sue Waldman brings empathic, intuitive insights and compassionate support to her sessions, seminars and groups. Her work is highly transformative.  As the shifts occur within, you will gain a sense of personal power, self discovery, resolution and relief.  Some clients reported their issues were healed in one session.  Deeper concerns can be worked through in a series of sessions, allowing you to let go, move on and assimilate changes over time. Her specialty is working with Women, Anxiety,Trauma, Complex Grief, Life Transitions, Intensive Self-Care, Depression and Relationships. Sue also works with Men on the spiritual path who want to deepen their (Masculine/Feminine Consciousnesses) energies. 

Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via Doxy or in person in her private office in Verona, New Jersey. Sue Waldman holds two M.A. degrees: one in Counseling Psychology from New York University and another one in Administration as an Educator Trainer from Montclair State University. Sue is licensed as a Professional Counselor in New Jersey and New York State. Sue has post graduate certifications in online counseling, grief recovery, energy leadership, life and business coaching, clinical supervision and group counseling. Sue has been adjunct teaching since 1995 at Bloomfield College, Berkeley College, William Paterson University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Montclair State University. Sue Waldman also has been conducting weekly Meditation classes since 2004. Sue Waldman is also available for private hourly Meditation/Relaxation sessions.

Sue's clients come from various faiths, including many who identify themselves as "Spiritual" and have often tried many different kinds of counseling, personal growth, and meditation techniques before coming to see her.  Sue draws upon her intuitive gifts and spiritual support to help clients discover aspects unknown to themselves, release blocks and limited beliefs that hold them back from achieving their highest potential and create the life of their dreams.  As she always says, "Each and Every day is a New Beginning and Anything Is Possible!"

Sue Waldman's Bio

Sue Waldman  
would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best possible service.   

  • Licensed Psychotherapist in New Jersey & New York
  • Owner of Pink Light, LLC
  • Certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
  • Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University (Graduate department of Counseling and Educational Leadership)
  • Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Graduate department of Psychology and Counseling)
  • Adjunct Professor at Wlliam Patterson University (Graduate department of Psychology)
  • National Certified Counselor ~ NBCC
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor ~ NBCC & State of NJ
  • Board Certified Telemental Health Provider (BC-TMH)~ CCE: Center for Credentialing
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor ~ CCE: Center for Credentialing
  • Board Certified Coach ~ CCE: Center for Credentialing and Education with specialty designations in Executive/Corporate/Leadership, Career, Health/Wellness, & Personal Coaching
  • Certified Professional Coach ~ iPEC
  • Certified Energy Leadership Coach ~ iPEC
  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ~ Grief Recovery Institute
  • Certified Group Therapist -Rutgers, The State University of NJ
  • Master of Arts in Counseling from New York University
  • Master of Arts in Supervision & Administration with a concentration as an Educator/Trainer from Montclair State University
  • Member of the Freelancers Union
  • Founder of the Wellness  Networking  Group - a community of professionals who serve humanity by making a difference in people's lives by spreading hope, faith and love
  • Founder of Rose Business Consulting, LLC  
  • Founder of The Women's Meetup - An Exclusive Women's Networking Group
  • Contributing Author of  Big, Bold Business Advice

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Big Bold Business 2

Big Bold Business Advice

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 : The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) monitors the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential.  The ACS credential serves the following purposes: Identify mental health professionals who have met national professional supervision standards; promotes the professional identity, visibility and accountability of clinical supervisors and encourages the professional growth of clinical supervisors.
The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) monitors the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential. The ACS credential serves the following purposes: Identify mental health professionals who have met national professional supervision standards; promotes the professional identity, visibility and accountability of clinical supervisors and encourages the professional growth of clinical supervisors.

Distant Credentialed Counselor
Distant Credentialed Counselor
CCE -The Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) created the Board Certified Coach (DCC) credential as a means to independently verify that applicants have met professional coaching competency standards established by CCE and subject matter experts. These standards reflect the common knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional coach.
Board Certified Coach
Board Certified Coach
The Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) created the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential as a means to independently verify that applicants have met professional coaching competency standards established by CCE and subject matter experts. These standards reflect the common knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional coach. The BCC is a mark of quality. It demonstrates to the public that a professional coach has: Met educational and training requirements Passed a psychometrically sound coach-specific examination Obtained experience in the field of coaching Professional peer references Accountability to an enforceable ethics code Commitment to continuing education The achievement of the Board Certified Coach credential solidifies the professional identity of the coach. The BCC credential is attractive to professionals who would like to provide independent third-party verification that they have achieved certain coaching competency standards.
The National Certified Counselor (NCC) and the (CCMHC) are the premier certifications for the counseling profession. Holding the NCC and the CCMHC (Clinical Specialty) demonstrates the applicant has met high national standards for the practice of counseling.

Certified Professional Coach
Certified Professional Coach
The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) offers the most comprehensive and experiential coach training program in the world. iPEC's approach creates significant and sustainable change and will transform your life and business with unparalleled results. iPEC's Core Energy Coaching process and Energy Leadership framework are exactly why our students and clients don’t just learn how to become leaders – they truly embody its very definition, showing-up invigorated, authentic, and motivated by the opportunities before them; and, in turn, motivating those around them. As a result, iPEC is the first choice for those seeking a professional and progressive coach training or leadership development program.


In addition to my Counseling and Psychotherapy practice; Sue Waldman facilitates inspirational workshops with the emphasis on Transformation!
With transformation as the emphasis of my work, I have designed a
number of successful personal and professional programs that assist
clients and organizations in transition. I provide consultative expertise
to various types of businesses needing to develop their professional
practices. I have been hired by companies such as the Department of
Tourism to help counsel and coach employees who were being downsized from their employment. I enjoy being a source of inspiration and hope at these very delicate times of our lives.  I have worked as a  Business Mentor Coach for iPEC, (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) where I have trained and mentored newly certified coaches and guided them to utilizing effective start-up business-building techniques.  I help small business owners, entrepreneurs, private practitioners to build their businesses, obtain clients and customers and increase their 
referral resources through The Women's Meetup, Wellness Networking Group, Mastermind Circles, Meetups and my Living, Loving & Learning series .
Some of the courses that I have designed and executed are: 
Living, Loving and LearningNew Beginnings, Sweet Inspiration!, Awaken the Goddess Within, Loving the Life You Live!, Excuse Me - Your Life Is Waiting, Leap Forward, Reinvent Your Life from the Inside Out,  The Law of Attraction Teleclass, Awaken Your Potential, Live the Life of Your Dreams, The New You - Look & Feel Fabulous! , Love ~ Being A Woman, Journaling to Self-Discovery, Transitions, Possibilities, Choices,  Inspired Living, 'Relax in Verona, Motherless Daughters, and Fatherless Daughters.

I have conducted (2) Rest & Relax ~ Sun & Sea Retreats for Women during the summer of 2008 and 2018 at Barnegat Light, New Jersey.
 For my colleagues in counseling and coaching, like the NJ Counseling Association, I developed and conducted Awaken Your Potential motivational lecture. In my role as an educator, I have the distinction of being an Adjunct Professor of psychology and counseling for five universities: Montclair State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, William Paterson University, Bloomfield College and Berkley College in New Jersey.
NJ monthly leading entrepreneurs 
In 2004, I founded the Wellness Networking Group. This organization is a community of healing industry professionals who serve humanity through their professional work.  I conceived of the idea to promote a spirit of cooperation vs. competition in the health and wellness industry as a way of uniting professionals around a cooperative, supportive community dynamic.  I have hosted over 100 workshops for the local community. I passionately enjoy the process of hiring speakers, co-creating workshops and organizing meetings.  Throughout the year,  I host numerous personal growth workshops facilitated by local practitioners as well as myself.
The Wellness Networking Group has provided a win-win environment for members, speakers and attendees to cross-promote their businesses, share resources, provide referrals and uplift the professional community in an inspirational way. As a result helping 100's of entrepreneurs, I created my own PR and Networking company up until 2015. I helped business owners with marketing material, branding, promoting, advertising and networking. I invest all of my efforts into helping you create, grow and execute your own business.

 In 2018, I founded Pink Light, LLC, a worldwide online Psychotherapy and Life Coaching business to help those who can not make it to the office. Professional counseling and coaching that is convenient to your schedule via Telephone, Zoom or  Skype and via private messaging.  I conduct  a online support sisterhood, called the Suzanne Rose Sisterhood to help provide guidance, inspiration and support for Women on the spiritual path.
I incorporate my career as a psychotherapist with empowerment coaching to truly make a difference in my client's lives.  I have created a variety of  groups, workshops, networking meetings, tele-seminars, retreats and other programs that guide individuals and professional groups with increasing their success potential through counseling and coaching.   I  support my clients to connect with their higher self to achieve their set-forth goals.  Using alternative methods such as: biblio-therapy, journal writing, guided imagery, meditation, art, sacred ritual, nutrition, herbs, exercise and energy healing ~  I draw upon the wisdom of all my professional disciplines. I believe my greatest talent is my fresh approach to solutions  that combines traditional methodology with insight, intuition and innovation. I try to help my clients in a caring, holistic way ~ sometimes collaborating with other healing practitioners and using complimentary modalities, such as, yoga, meditation, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic services, acupuncture and massage, aromatherapy and energy healing/reiki and prayer. 
 My passion is guiding my clients to take care of themselves. I help Women to connect with their divine feminine energy ~ receptivity, softness, and love and help them integrate it with their masculine energy of action. I enjoy working with Men who are on a spiritual path and help them access and connect with spirited heart living. I  try to help both men and women see that their vulnerability is their greatest strength in order to live an authentic, value aligned life.
 I specialize in working with individuals and couples who are experiencing relationship problems as well as those who are coping with break-ups, separation and divorce prevention or recovery.  My clinical focus is on Life Transitions, grief and overcoming depression,  anxiety,  self- esteem issues and loss (death, loss of job - health - home/office - romantic relationship, etc). I also provide stress management coaching, Meditation classes and Reiki/Energy Healing.

My primary interest is your well being.  You are valued as my priority.  I am punctual, reliable and dependable in order for you to feel safe and secure to express yourself and grow.
My goal for you is to become peacefully happy from within - to realize your unlimited potential, to increase your ability to function harmoniously in the world, to improve the quality of all your relationships, and to do what YOU want to do when you tune into your innermost sense of self and purpose. My philosophy is that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and learn.  There are simply no mistakes in life.  Together, we work to help you: discover your life path, find greater meaning and purpose, live
pro-actively, based on choices you make consciously rather than reactively, and gain greater understanding of yourself in relation to the world and your place in it. Techniques are co-created and evolve from your needs, strengths and interests.

 Utilizing the most effective aspects of counseling, coaching, consulting, and mentoring, I form a powerful alliance with clients to help them focus on what they want in their personal and professional lives.  I believe every individual has the answers within and it is my task to help them access their wisdom through a variety of empowering techniques.  My style is gentle, empathic and motivating. I care deeply for people, my work and my life.  I try very hard to "walk my talk" and live an authentic life. Many clients report feeling inspired after sessions with a positive attitude.  I establish a professional, supportive relationship where a client can be himself/herself, say what s/he feels, fantasizes, fears, aspires to. My strength is my genuineness - my ability to develop deep a caring, trusting relationship. 
 My greatest gift is my ability to listen without judgment.
I guide clients to find their own inner resources and passions in order to achieve maximum potential. Together, we examine self-defeating thoughts, transcend self-destructive behaviors, learn new ways to manage disruptive feelings and work on discovering joy & intimacy in life.  Most importantly, I coach and counsel clients to better self-awareness, personal fulfillment, and self-worth.  Ultimately, our work together will help you love who you are and the life you are living. You will feel  free and happy you are alive.
I believe the power of love overrules everything.  It resides within all of us.
The more we connect to this love, the more balanced and powerful we will be and, subsequently, the more abundant our lives will be. I believe, each and every day is a new beginning and 
 "Anything is Possible!" 

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  Payment is required prior to each session

Paypal accepts Visa, MC and AMEX and Checks. There is a 10% service fee to each credit card or paypal transaction. Chase Quick Pay does not have a service fee.   All fees are non-refundable.  Without early registration and pre-payment,  your seat can not be confirmed until the day of the workshop. Email Sue to send you a paypal request or process with credit card if you can't mail the check in time. Telephone sessions are required to be purchased one week in advance.

Sue Waldman, MA, LPC, BCC 
Advanced Counseling & Coaching Services
Private Office is in Verona, NJ
Call (973) 857-9090 to schedule a consultation
Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 10pm  • Friday 10 am - 3 pm
* Sat: Closed (Emergency consultation only)
* Sun: Closed (Emergency consultation only)

* Weekend appointments will be arranged if necessary at an additional charge
*International Video and  (Crisis) calls are available 24 hrs a day with a $111 extra charge

If you are experiencing a Mental Health emergency that can not wait for a return phone call, please dial 911 or go to your local emergency room to be evaluated
By Appointment only