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 Every month is Meditation Night for Women, come join Sue Waldman and other spiritually-inclined women in her cozy office and experience Sue uses enchanted chimes and guided visualization with aromatherapy to help you move deeply into a peaceful and relaxed meditation.  This is a wonderful way to connect with other like minded women.
In addition to Sue Waldman's counseling and coaching business, she also offers Consulting services to self employed Business owners - Rose Business Consulting, LLC and offers a professional consulting to Women owned businesses. 
NJ monthly leading entrepreneurs
In 2004, Sue Waldman created the Wellness  Networking Group ~
a community of professionals who serve humanity by
 making a difference in people's lives by spreading hope,
 faith and love.  This organization is a community of healing industry professionals who serve humanity through their professional work. For the past 9 years years, Sue hosts an inspirational workshop series called, Living, Loving and Learning which range from  topics on Meditation for Women, Aromatherapy, Marketing for Business Owners, Career and Life Purpose, The Law of Attraction, Healthy Living, Feng Shui, Holistic Nutrition, Journaling to Self Discovery, Energy Healing, Living with Optimism, Laughing really Matters, The New You!,  Women's Wellness, Dream Analysis, Life TRANSITIONS, Inspired Living! a life purpose coaching group, POSSIBILITIES! and a NEW Mentoring group, called CHOICES!
Sue Waldman conceived of the idea to promote a spirit of
cooperation vs. competition in the wellness industry as a way of uniting professionals around a cooperative, supportive community dynamic.  Rose Suzanne Waldman loves promoting people's potential  and creating community. She has organized over 100 workshops ranging from medical~  metaphysical ~ holistic  ~ psychological classes. If you would like to be a presenter, please contact Sue.
Are you needing a jump start or a tune-up?  Want to feel inspired,
 empowered and re-vitalized?  Do you want to make some sort of change in your life but are having difficulty? Re-Locate? Change careers?  Leave an unhealthy relationship? Improve your body image? Increase your financial circumstances? Check out the teleclass for Women ~ POSSIBILITIES and the new Mentoring group called CHOICES.
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Are you tired of repeating the same negative habits year after year?  Have you lost your sparkle, your motivation, your enthusism and your general direction in life?  Come join Sue Waldman and other like minded Women and take time for YOU to re-focus, recharge and live the life you really want. 
Inspire, believe, support and live YOUR vision
 of who you want to become!
Open yourself to all the possibilities and BELIEVE
in yourself! Success in life is your birthright!
I believe in YOU.

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A Visit with your Heart and Soul

Treat yourself to some Fabulousness! Let yourself have some fun!

Sue Waldman 
Inspired Living ~ The Art of Writing
and Meditating
Presented by Sue Waldman, MA, LPC, BCC

Date:  Thursday, February 21
Time: 8:00 -9:30 pm

Fee: $68.00 or $75 cash night of

Location: Verona

To Register: Email Sue 

Take time away from your daily busy schedule and allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate and celebrate life. Give yourself the precious gift of looking within and connecting with other spiritually inclined Women.  Using breathing techniques, aligning with Nature and journaling exercises, you will learn how to cultivate vitality and extra care to nurture and nourish yourself.  This is the perfect gathering to help you live refreshed during the holiday season.  Advanced Registration Required.

Join Sue Waldman and other positive minded women in a sacred, beautiful space to inspire you to love the life you are living!
Do you want to make some changes in life but having difficulty? For instance, change careers? Leave an unhealthy relationship? Lose weight? Re-Locate? Increase your financial circumstances? Develop a Spiritual perspective? If you answered yes to any of these, then, this dynamic Coaching group for Women may be your answer. Discover the tools and techniques to free yourself from anxiety, depression and insecurity. Make Change. Empower yourself. Break the cycle of self defeating behavior. Through personal sharing, exercises and guided meditation, you will energize and transform your everyday life!
Want to feel EMPOWERED and FABULOUS and be the BEST you
can BE?
You will leave you
feeling inspired, rejuvenated and connected to others. 
The Support Circle is a heart-filled gathering that addresses today's most meaningful themes:
life, spirituality, relationships, careers, wellness, personal goals
and so much more.
Advance Registration is REQUIRED
Please complete the registration form below with payment
 method in Comment section
Together we will explore the secrets to living a life filled with
more joy, less stress and profound inner purpose. The Support Circle is a coaching group exclusively for Women designed to enhance your daily journey with dynamic approaches to self empowerment!
Transform negative thinking, build self-esteem and eliminate anxiety.
Learn how to live with "Presence, Purpose, Passion and Power!".

The Support Circle for Women energizes,
inspires and encourages personal and professional growth, spiritual fulfillment and emotional/mental peace.
Call Sue Waldman to register at
 (973) 857-9090

"I really enjoyed how Sue ran the class which made it really rewarding, relaxing and comfortable for me"  Adult School Attendee Fall 2011
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Veroa Park 11
"Thank you, Sue, once again for providing a safe place to ponder life's
mysteries in joy and love.
You are a beautiful person and make such a positive difference 
in the world."
_________ ♥_________
When I arrived at the meeting last Sunday night, I was not sure what
 to expect. This was my first Loving the Life you Live! workshop
with Sue Waldman.
I was a bit guarded when we began. As the other women started
to share, I made the decision to fully disclose something about myself.
This opened up an amazing connection between myself and the
other women. It was as if something was aligned in the universe and
 I was supposed to be right there at that time. It was quite amazing.
I so appreciated the magic in the room and the understanding
that I felt from the other women. This kind of openness and sharing is invaluable. I left feeling really positive and eager to explore all the
 possibilities of further “Change” in my life. T.G. ~ July, 2009
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Sue Waldman
Advanced Counseling & Coaching Services
P.O. Box 215
Verona, New Jersey  07044
Telephone (973) 857 -9090

Please join me and spiritually minded Women and Men every month
(or schedule an individual session)

  No meditation experience is needed.

Women's Gathering

Date: Friday, January 25
Time: 8:00 pm- 9:30 pm
Fee: $68 prepaid or $75 cash day of
Location: Verona office              

 Join, psychotherapist and Karuna   Reiki® Master, Sue Waldman while she facilitates a relaxed, comforting and peaceful guided meditation using guided imagery and visualization.  This may include visualizing a relaxing scene, imagining a healing occurring, using your breath or activating your senses. No experience needed.  Advanced Registration is Required.

(Contact  Sue if you would like to schedule a class on a different night
at (973) 857 -9090

Advance Registration is Required. Fill out form below


  Customized classes for your friends are available by advance registration. (3) or more women can reserve an upcoming date.
Call Sue to arrange your customized Meditation class at
(973) 857 -9090

You are guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and inspired! 

Intuitive Flier 
Professional Support for Women

Professional Support for Women is an online community to relax, renew your spirit and improve your personal & business life!

 *Live With Presence, PASSION, power, & Purpose
*Reclaim your powerful Feminine voice within you
*Discover your innate wisdom
*Find your life's purpose & calling
*Feel energized, radiant & capable
*Establish loving, harmonious relationships
*Become empowered to honor your being
*Take command of your mind, body & spirit
*Unleash your creativity & passion for living
*Experience the beloved connection with empowered women

SUPPORT TELECLASS on the Telephone

 Read what others are saying about the Teleclass series, 
"Sacred Simplicty":

"Sue Waldman is truly a helpful and genuine person. From her meditation/support calls to her daily postings on Facebook, she is very inspiring. Anyone who needs some guidance, support or encouragement should definitely get in touch with Sue! She has been a great help to me as well as to others." Lucia DeFrancesco

  "Thank you, Sue. The support teleclass was incredibly helpful. I have been searching for something to help me move forward to remove the blockages. I wonder if it is some divine intervention that connected me to you, especially at the time I needed it." Rekha Gohill

  "It was a wonderful gift to myself to create the space in my life for something new, something beautiful and healing. I joined Sue for her teleclass last Sunday evening. Sue is a lovely, generous spirit. I was lovingly reminded of rituals I had forgotten in the busyness of life. I received a healing and now when I read her words they are deeper, more penetrating and meaningful. Sacred Simplicity....the ultimate act of self love, to be totally present in life for the Beauty, the Mystery and the Miracles. Be lovingly guided to awaken the Divine Feminine in us all." Mary Honecker

 Inspirational Seminars 
 advance registration required
facilitated by Sue Waldman
Register Now!

Professional Support for Women

Professional Support for Women is an online community to relax, renew your spirit and improve your personal & business life!

 *Live With Presence, PASSION, power, & Purpose
*Reclaim your powerful Feminine voice within you
*Discover your innate wisdom
*Find your life's purpose & calling
*Feel energized, radiant & capable
*Establish loving, harmonious relationships
*Become empowered to honor your being
*Take command of your mind, body & spirit
*Unleash your creativity & passion for living
*Experience the beloved connection with empowered women

Professional Support Coaching Program
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
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Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

Writing and Intuition

Using journaling exercises and guided visualization, you will connect, learn and contact your own voice and spirit through writing. Enjoy a step b step approach how to open up and let your inner self be heard, honored and acknowledged.  Attendees will be guided on a joyous journaling experience to recharge, renew, refuel and reduce the stress of everyday living to awaken to your personal passions.

Date:  Thursday, December 20

 Location: Verona

Time: 8:00 -9:30 pm

Fee: $68
Meditation Night
facilitated by Sue Waldman
                   Guided Imagery to Relax 
                      Thursday, January 24 from 8:00 pm-9:00 pm

 Join, psychotherapist and Karuna   Reiki® Master, Sue Waldman while she facilitates a relaxed, comforting and peaceful guided meditation using guided imagery and visualization.  This may include visualizing a relaxing scene, imagining a healing occurring, using your breath or activating your senses. No experience needed. Advanced Registration is Required.

Call Sue Waldman to register at (973) 857 -9090

Advanced Registration is Required

The Miracle Circle
There is Proof that Miracles Occur - 

Come join us and be inspired


Do you believe in Angels? Have you experienced a Miracle? Join us for an inspirational evening of sharing life-transforming stories, journal exercises and uplifting conversation. Advance Registration is required.   Call Sue Waldman's office at  (973) 857 - 9090. 


Goddess Gathering

Do you feel like something is missing in your life but can't seem to identify it? Do you yearn to be around other Women who ''get' you?  The Goddess Gathering will involve prayer, spiritual discussion, sharing of the minds and heart centered meditations.  Create the Life you desire by making goals to re-invent
your life from the inside out. Enjoy a relaxing evening of self discovery, Journaling, goal-setting exercises and visualization mediations. Sue will facilitate an exploration of spirituality as a practical tool for coping with loss, celebrating new beginnings, adapting to life's transitions and find healing and guidance connecting to the sacred every day.   The group is held small to ensure an intimate, safe feel.
Sharing in confidence is an integral aspect. 

Date:   Friday,  January 25
Time:  8:00 pm- 9:30 pm
Fee:  $68 prepaid or $75 cash night of

Please complete registration form above

Please complete registration form above

Sacred Ceremony
Join psychotherapist and inspirational life coach, Sue Waldman for an enlightening gathering as she facilitates an exploration of ceremony as a practical tool for coping with loss, celebrating new beginnings, adapting to life's transitions and find healing and guidance by connecting to the sacred every day. Advance Registration Only. Please complete form above.

Date: tba


Creating Great Relationships
Whether you are single or in a relationship, this seminar can help you get to the heart of what prevents you from closeness you desire in all relationships.  Interactive exercises, shared discussion and visualization mediations will help remove blocks to loving and tap into feeling an 'aliveness' that you have been missing. Advanced Registration only.

Private Practice for Therapists, Social Workers and Counselors

I will be discussing how I started my own Counseling practice at age 26. We will be reviewing niche development, branding, marketing, advertising, networking, and work/life balance. Signed copies of Big, Bold Business
Advice will be available for sale.

Women, Business and Networking
Conversation and More
Ladies ~ Join us for an evening of Inspiration. Come  exchange ideas, support aspirations, share stories and work collectively on meaningful projects.  Enjoy an evening of networking and conversation.

Advanced Registration is Required


Business, Networking and Inspiration

 Join us for an evening of business networking to help you grow your business and meet like minded professionals to help support your aspirations.  Enjoy an evening of networking,  conversation and inspiration.

Advanced Registration is Required



The Art of Living
Are you ready to unleash your potential?  Discover your passions, strengths and talents and become the person you were born to be.  Using writing exercises, visualizations and shared discussion, I will help guide you to connect to your authentic self and help you take control of your life to achieve your dreams and goals.

8:00 pm -9:30 pm

advance registration only

What is most needed now in the world is a deeper
 sense of connection with who we really are, and a
deeper sense of bonding with our families, friends and
"Sue Waldman inspires by her presence -
 her warmth, empathic nature, sense of
humor, intuition and professionalism are
 what truly sets her apart from other psychotherapists an life
coaches"~ written by a participant at the New 
Jersey Counseling Association 2008 annual
conference workshop, "Awaken Your Potential!"

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angel catching star 

Meditation Night For Women

facilitated by Sue Waldman

Do you work a long day? Have you noticed a loss of pleasure in activities that once provided much joy? Overwhelmed? Fragmented?  Do your loved ones complain you are moody, irritable and restless? If you have answered yes to these questions - You are seriously stressed and this weekly class may benefit you.  This class will help you relieve anxiety, obsessive thinking and improve your mood.  Meditation yields physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. Meditation brings us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling life.
Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one's own inner being. It  helps you connect with your divine spirit.
Come join Sue and experience how Sue uses her enchanted chimes, aromatherapy and guided visualization to help you move deeply into your
peaceful meditation.
The size of the Meditation group is kept small
for individualized attention and spiritual counseling.

Advance Registration is Required

"Thanks, Sue!  I really enjoyed myself and felt wonderful after the meditation.  I love your excitement about your's contagious! Angela Armstrong" ~ January, 2010

Within you is a spirit capable of touching the stars. Within you is the ability to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Within you is a Divine spirit. Don't listen to others or fear competition or worry about wrong choices. In every experience there is wisdom to be gained. Have faith in yourself and move ahead with confidence, believing that you will fulfill your potential as the unique, beautiful and most loved person you were created to be. You can change your life! You can wake up and feel passionate about your day. You can be happy ~ free of depression and anxiety. You can stop hurting yourself with addictions that control you. You can leave abusive, unhealthy relationships. You can find Love. You can trust. You can establish trustworthy friendships. You can have impeccable integrity. You can be Faithful. You can be courageous. You can be an expression of the Divine. You can make time for yourself and enjoy the things you want to do. You can start that hobby you always wanted to or rekindle that craft you loved so much. You can be the artist that you are. You can create the business or career of your dreams. You can be at a weight you love, feeling proud of your body. You can eat healthy, feel healthy and be healthy. You can have satisfying relationships with the people in your life. You can get out of debt. You can achieve financial independence. It’s all up to you. What is your intention? How do you really want your life to be? The vision you hold for yourself will manifest one step at a time. The first step requires that you take action. I know you can do it. Remember, each and every day is a new beginning and "Anything Is Possible!"
Author Sue Waldman © 2016 

If anyone wants extra support with his or her metamorphosis, and wants support, please telephone and make an appointment at
 (973) 857-9090 orplease email Sue.

Paypal accepts Visa, MC and AMEX and Checks. There is a 10% service fee to each credit card or paypal transaction. Chase Quick pay has no service fee. All fees are non-refundable.  Without early registration and pre-payment,  your seat can not be confirmed until the day of the workshop. Email Sue to send you a paypal request, chase quick pay or process with credit card if you can't mail the check in time. Telephone sessions are required to be purchased one week in advance. 24 hour Advance Phone Notification of cancellation is required to prevent charge of appointment. All workshops that are prepaid are non-refundable

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